April is heating up at the 5 Points!


It's an exciting time right now in CLE! Spring has finally made its way to Northeast Ohio, the Tribe opening day is slated to be beautiful tomorrow and (MOST IMPORTANTLY!) the build out is now officially in full swing at 5 Points! 

A few important updates:

  • The build out officially kicked off last week as we secured our permits! We appreciate your patience through this process. Make sure to sign up for our social media sites below so you can receive pictures and coverage of our build out efforts.
  • We have a brand new survey and need your feedback. The survey responses so far have provided invaluable information as we plan for our opening, particularly on finalizing menu items and hours of operations. You can take the survey here
  • Finally, below is a sneak peak rendering of the outside of 5 Points. We hope that you are as excited as we are about how good it looks! 


Conor, Bridget, Lisa and Nora.